View Full Version : Dual graduate MBA/MSF...chances for IR

06-16-2009, 04:59 PM
I have just graduated with an MBA/MS in Finance (GPA 3.4) with concentrations in finance, risk management, and derivative markets.

I have yet to take the GRE.

My concern is my undergrad GPA, which is old (GPA 2.85) in fine arts.

What do you guys think my chances would be for a school like fletcher into the MALD with the hopes of moving onto to a PhD, working with microfinance, emerging markets, foreign/soverign risk, and securitization of microfinance loans.

I was told by American that my grad degrees would make me a competitive candidate. I would love to attend Fletcher. I have the background and knowledge to do research in the Microfinance/emerging markets/currency fields.

How will schools look at my degrees? Graduate more important?